How to handle Salary History requests

When an employer requests a salary history to be submitted with a resume, many job seekers find themselves at a loss. If you’re a student and your employment “history” is primarily part-time, co-op, internship or volunteer positions, the problem is compounded—obviously, you want to make considerably more in your full-time job! No job seeker wants to price him- or herself out of a job, but most do not want to give the employer the opening to offer less than the going rate for the position.

Your response to a request for a salary history is best handled in your cover letter. Respond to the question well toward the end of the letter, after you’ve highlighted your skills, experience, and interest in the position, which are far more important to your consideration as a candidate.

Here are some tips.



If it is any consolation, this is a difficult question for all job searchers to handle, not just new college grads! The key is to shift the focus, politely but firmly, from what you made in the past to what you expect to make in the future.